Your Healthy Skin Care Regimen

Here are just a few ways your skin can benefit from daily makeup removal:

  • Most makeup products are loaded with chemicals. If you keep them on your skin longer than you should, these chemicals will penetrate your skin and could cause long-term damage.

  • Removing makeup naturally exfoliates the skin, preventing it from looking dull. TIP: Incorporating exfoliating into your skin care regimen will encourage healthier-looking skin.

  • Makeup removal helps prevent skin inflammation, which can generate free radicals and collagen breakdown associated with aging.

  • Removing makeup at night allows your skin to breathe and helps maintain its natural tone.

  • When you leave eye makeup on overnight, it can dry out the skin on your eyelids.

  • Proper removal of lip makeup will protect your lips from damage that may lead to premature aging.

  • Your pores look smaller. Makeup that’s stuck in your pores can make them appear larger. This leads to bacterial buildup, which can irritate your skin and even cause acne.


You do a ton of research on buying and applying makeup. Who wouldn’t? There’s always new stuff coming out and trends change overnight. Speaking of overnight, what really makes a difference in your skin looking healthy and attractive is removing your makeup properly every night.

It’s a big deal — not just because it prevents stains on your pillowcase. It affects how you’ll look over time. So if you start right now, you can prevent skin damage that can show up later in life.

Remember, it doesn’t matter if your makeup is super high-quality or supposed to be “gentle.” You need to remove it every night to preserve and enhance your skin’s natural beauty.